About Us

Captivating Digital Design

ANML (pronounced “animal”) is a design and strategy studio located in the heart of Silicon Valley. We focus on captivating and effective digital experiences and work as extensions of our clients’ teams. With ANML, our clients deliver results and enhance their brand.

Who We Are

Diverse Thinkers & Designers

After spending over a decade creating digital experiences in leading agencies, we wanted the ability to be more nimble. We started ANML in 2013, where collaboration between designers of different backgrounds and strengths could produce success for clients in every industry. Though we started small, we’ve grown into a talented crew of sought-after design thinkers.

What We Do

Beautiful Function

0% Websites
0% Mobile Apps
0% Software

We specialize in visual design, user experience, strategy, and development of highly-engaging experiences that move people and make an impression.

How We Do It

We work as an
Extension of your Team

Design decisions don’t happen in vacuums. Great design brings people and brands together by understanding the needs of both the user and the business. With close collaboration, we function less like an agency partner and more like an extension of your team. Whether we’re working through challenges on-the-fly or sketching on white boards, we’ll uncover the strongest solutions in a fraction of the time that will work specifically for your needs.

Why We Do It

It Feels Good
to Solve Problems

We want to do more than beautiful work. We want to do beautiful, impactful work. When we come up with solutions that solve real problems for everyday people, we feel accomplished.