Autodesk was building an impressive product called InfraWorks—a program used to create new infrastructure for developing metropolitan areas. But they were deeply in need of a more engaging UI.

They brought their challenge to ANML in early 2013, and our team was excited to work on a tool that helps other designers build cities. We decided to go with a “what you see is what you use” ideology, and ended up creating a more game-like experience than is typically found in UI.

By rethinking traditional navigation conventions often found in design software, we were able to apply a treatment that allowed designers to see as much of the subject matter as possible. It was a game-changing solve, and the reason we continue to refine and build the InfraWorks software.


We chose to reveal only what the user needs at a given time, with numerous explorations around displaying tools related to specific tasks.

One of the main goals for Autodesk InfraWorks 360 has been to challenge the standard way of producing desktop applications. We wanted stunning visual design, and a modern interaction model that includes animation and is touch friendly from the start. ANML was instrumental in working with us to establish that vision and provided modern, creative design that we are very proud of.
Eric FainUser Experience Architect | Autodesk InfraWorks 360

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