Bell Helmets

Bell Helmets has a storied history in bike racing—and protecting some of the world's most daring athletes. But in 2012, that story was lost on their site. Customers that visited found a heavily product-focused experience. And that made Bell’s brand feel less like “gear for cyclists who push the limits” and more like “the helmet your mom forced you to wear.”

They needed a site that positioned them as pioneers in the industry, and got them back to being the helmet the youth asked for first. Partnering with eBay Enterprise Solutions, ANML brought this new brand vision to life across

By showcasing their riders and their gear, we were able to tell an inspiring, holistic brand story that pushed the limits the way their riders did. We were able to make their great brand story the hero while still effectively selling their product.


To help communicate core brand values, we developed a design language that ultilized full-bleed, high-contrast imagery with a gritty texture, and bold, oversized text that broke out of containers.

in motion

With engaging elements like interactive media and videos, we helped shoppers learn about the products while watching them in action.


Riders embraced the products that had been worn and tested by their favorite pros. It gave them confidence through association and felt more like entertainment than a hard sell.

Parts Unknown

Transporting Anthony Bourdain fans into the world of Parts Unknown

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