Enterprise websites are some of the most challenging to design. They’re typically pretty massive, with hundreds of pages, dozens of stakeholders, and the snails pace of bureaucratic approval.

NetApp came to ANML with all of those challenges plus a three-month design window. Stepping up to bat, we created three design directions that illustrated our future vision of a more app-like site experience. They applied the selected design direction to their current web pages through a CSS refresh, transforming their site experience in just three months.

The newly modernized boosted homepage engagement by 300%, but that’s just the beginning. We’ll extend this visual design language across all of, define new layouts and interactions, and create the guidelines that will influence future work tackled by other NetApp vendors.

3 Month Timeline
3X Increased Engagement
2X Registrations


With a modern design language, we simplified the experience, opened up layouts, and eliminated tired user interface elements for a true digital facelift.


Our solutions surfaced key content on the homepage and influenced a more task-based approach for future releases.


The 3D environment offered users the ability to interact with the product and experience the benefits and features first hand.


We created a design language that could be easily incorporated and rolled out in stages, across the site’s supporting pages.

"Here's ANML's strengths: taking our requirements, constraints, and input and creating awesome digital experiences. And by awesome, I mean creating experiences that deliver results. They work hard to find new answers, and don't rely on past success. They prototype and test until everything works. And it doesn't hurt that the work is always beautiful; they care deeply about their craft."
Arthur KilinskiHead of Creative Services | NetApp

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