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Have you ever heard of Anthony Bourdain? How about CNN? We teamed up with our sister company, Roads and Kingdoms, to transport fans into the world of Parts Unknown. With R&K creating fresh original content, ANML developed the UX and Design to bring every story, meal, and destination to life. We gave our audience the ability to eat like Bourdain eats, travel like he travels, and further explore every unique global destination featured on his show.

ANML Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown Cuba
ANML Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown Land Rover

map feature

We created an interactive map that makes it easy for users to discover new destinations and exposes every location Bourdain has covered. Visitors can click on pins across the world map or quickly navigate to cities by region using our unique expanding menu.

ANML Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown Map ANML Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown

content template
publishing capabilities

Rather than lock pages into a set format, we created a flexible component library that empowers editors to create on their own terms. Our goal was to provide endless opportunities so that every page can be as unique as its destination.

ANML Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown Italian Cooking

regional navigation allows
you to browse the world from
anywhere on the site

Global travel is at the heart of what Parts Unknown represents. We put regional navigation in the main menu to ensure that exploring the world is always at your fingertips.

ANML Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown

destination pages give a deep
dive into a particular location

Every place that Anthony Bourdain travels to is a unique gem with its own food, drinks, monuments, and culture. We crafted destination pages to give viewers an insider perspective on how to understand, enjoy, and successfully travel to each specific location.

ANML Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown Cuba Field Notes ANML Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown CNN Japan Hawaii Peru

a full experience
on any device

We designed the Parts Unknown experience so that Bourdain’s adventures would be available no matter where you are. Whether you’re planning your next big adventure or need some quick travel tips on the go, the site can always serve as your guide.

ANML Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown CNN Cuba Africa Asia Europe Italy
"The deeper I dig on the site, the more great work I find. It's shaping up to be everything I imagined and more. Couldn't be happier or more impressed. Thanks again to you and to everyone involved in this staggering amount of great work."
Anthony Bourdain

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